Fashion Revolution zine #2

Fashion Revolution fanzine, ‘Loved Clothes Last’, is now available for pre-order HERE. The zine explores the issue of waste and mass-consumption in the fashion industry, and hopes to inspire you to buy less, care more, and know how to make the clothes you love last for longer. It’s a big double-edition issue — with 124 pages of poetry, illustration, photography, infographics, and packed with articles, tips and interviews with leaders of the circular fashion movement and innovators in textile recycling,Read more

Samuji Talks

This Saturday I’m excited to take part in #SamujiTalks at the Samuji New York store, at 12 Prince Street, with Finnish journalist Pauliina Siniauer. Funny coincidence: both Pauliina and I are from Nummela. I’d love to see you there!Read more

#bigmuscle in Handled

#bigmuscle is an homage to men who flex on Instagram. It is a humorous comment on online crushes, and yet it also reminds us that in many places the virtual realm is the only safe space for minorities to flirt and negotiate relationships. #bigmuscle will be part of Handled at Gallery 263. Handled is a juried exhibition selected by Pat Falco, and opens on Thursday, September 7, with opening reception on Saturday, September 9. The exhibition celebrates the unrefined, imperfect,Read more

‘Whispers’ in We are Family

Whispers was originally my contribution to Home Is Where the Heart Is, curated by Andrew Robinson and Jim Osman for Kustera Projects earlier this year. I have recreated the poem as an independent piece and it will be part of We Are Family, an exhibition by ImageOut at Visual Studies Workshop. The opening reception takes place 6-9pm on Friday September 1st. Whispers, a cross-stitched poem, arises from repeated choices to remove myself, a gay man, from rejection and discrimination. AtRead more

Wardrobe Crisis

While in Sydney for the UTS Library artist residency, I had a great conversation with Clare Press. Clare is the author of Wardrobe Crisis: How We Went from Sunday Best to Fast Fashion and Fashion Editor-At-Large of Marie Claire Australia. The podcast is now out and available HERE. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording it!Read more