Practice-led and practice-based research

This research is about fashion design practice, and part of the research will be conducted through practice, but I am not convinced ‘practice-led’ or ‘practice-based’ sufficiently describe the project. How I came to the research problem isn’t entirely practice-led, either; things that I’d seen and read in books played an equally significant role. The ‘themes’ for next year’s Nordic Design Research Conference are Inquiries about Design, Inquiries for Design and Inquiries by Design. I think the first and the lastRead more

My research and this blog

My PhD looks into a way of making clothes that doesn’t waste any fabric exclusive of the garment. Put it another way: if you make a zero-fabric-waste shirt that takes 150cm of fabric, every skerrick of that 150cm length of fabric is in the finished shirt. Currently clothing production is somewhat inefficient (in my opinion), in that roughly 15% (Cooklin 1997, see below) of the fabric used ends as waste at the cutting out stage. The following texts give estimatesRead more