some thoughts on ‘well dressed?’ part 1

‘Well dressed? The present and future sustainability of clothing and textiles in the United Kingdom’ is an excellent report from a team at the University of Cambridge Institute for Manufacturing. It may be downloaded here. p. 10: Hourly wages in the clothing industry by country, US$ per hour (from an ILO report, 2003)Pakistan 0.23Sri Lanka 0.57India 0.71China 0.86Mexico 1.75Hong Kong 5.13Germany 10.03USA 11.16 When I had my label, I paid my sample machinist $25-$30 per hour, and the production machinistsRead more

why not waste?

At Design Inquiries an audience member asked me why we should worry about wasting (or not) fabric? I replied that I believed fabric to be a sophisticated, precious, designed product in its own right, usually with a significant ecological footprint already attached. Since then (and even before, as my journal shows), I’ve thought about this more. (Of course I have; this is the rationale for my entire project.) It would seem to me that it’s also about the fashion designerRead more

i’m back (for now at least)

It’s been more than six months since the last post. Blogging didn’t feel a right fit to document the practice on the kind of basis that is necessary for the research; my research journal (a very hands-on approach that I’m familiar with) has worked much better. But, I do think this place can play its own role, too. The six months have been hectic, as I’m currently trying to explain in my now-two-weeks overdue progress report for the semester. InRead more