the crisis of fashion journalism in australia

This sorry piece in the Sydney Morning Herald pretty such sums up the state of 95% of fashion reporting in this country (100% of TV reporting, in fact). Only last week I was bemoaning to a colleague how the reports from the shows tend to be along the lines of, ‘Oh, look at this funny hat’, and there it is. I long for the days when Jane de Teliga, Maggie Alderson and Patty Huntington used to report for the Herald.Read more


Models smiling at Hussein Chalayan. Who would have thought? Via a Google alert on eco-fashion came this. Whilst I have absolute respect for people with convictions, ‘eco-fashion’ and vegan fashion are not the same thing. I don’t know, it’s like a thousand ‘fashion is bad’ posts I’ve read before and speaks to the converted only. Excitingly, a new journal: International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education, from Taylor & Francis. Call for Papers is downloadable from the button atRead more

collection fabrication

For a long time, I’ve been torn in regards to the fabrics for the collection. Of course I would like to use solely ‘sustainable’ fabrics, whether they be organically grown, recycled/reclaimed, local, etc. There are two problems I need to deal with: lack of diversity and lack of money. For example, if I were to use only locally produced (Australian) fabrics, my choices as a designer would be very limited, also posing problems for the quality of the research (seeRead more


Bahar Shahpar Autumn 2008 collection: The use of the plaid in this is inspired though probably somewhat wasteful. Evolution/Revolution: The Arts and Crafts in Contemporary Fashion and Textiles at The RISD Museum of Art, curated by Joanne Ingersoll. Encyclopedia of Life is now online. Some background from the BBC. This BBC article on greenwashing reminds me of a project I taught in, where the students had to come up with logos promoting sustainability that did NOT include a sphere/circle/globe, aRead more

print repeats

In a zero-waste approach to fashion creation, fabric poses significant considerations for design that one might not otherwise think about. Recently, in my industry job, I did, however, need to think in a no-waste approach, sort of. We were using a print that was essentially a very large check – a 55cm repeat – to make a full-length bias-cut dress. Because the same print placement was desired for all the dresses about to be produced, the yield (or yardage, meterage,Read more

a quick note

I should clarify that I cannot share my key research findings here until after I’ve submitted my thesis and published the most significant aspects of the research. Obviously I will share some findings in the exhibition in August and don’t see a problem with discussing those here. As for the rest, they will have to wait until next year. I do hope to maintain this blog beyond thesis submission, however sporadic that may be. So, apologies, but we’ll get thereRead more

new books

Eight months after my last post, here I am, again. The collection is well on its way and the exhibition will take place in August 2008. Since my last post, two significant new books have been published on sustainability and fashion and textiles. Whilst I’m still waiting for my copies to arrive and hence am unable to comment on either, here are the details: Kate Fletcher: Sustainable Fashion and Textiles: Design Journeys, available from here. Janet Hethorn, Connie Ulasewicz, YvonRead more