new journal from Berg: Fashion Practice

First came the International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education, and now there is a new journal from Berg, Fashion Practice, The Journal of Design, Creative Process & the Fashion Industry. From the Berg website: This is the first peer-reviewed academic journal to cover the full range of contemporary design and manufacture within the context of the fashion industry. Design processes and new technologies fuel the most vibrant areas of fashion practice and commerce today, yet they have beenRead more


An interesting business concept: one owned by consumers, nvohk. (Having run -badly- a brand called USVSU once upon a time, I can say from experience that creative brand name spellings can be a blessing and a curse.) There seems to be little information as to what the eventual product line will be like but I hope against hope this is not another venture pushing god-awful organic cotton t-shirts. I won’t name names but too many of them produce what isRead more

open your diaries, and educators, look up!

At the moment the amount of writing is making my fingers and brain bleed, hence the lack of posting. I’d be lying if I said this year, with the exhibition(s), thesis submission, the possible show in December and the rest weren’t making me nervous. At times it’s terrifying. But enough whine and onto business: UC Davis is hosting a free (good on them!) symposium: “Designing with Conscience: A Sustainable Fashion Symposium” on Sunday, May 18. The list of confirmed speakersRead more

if in South Australia in July 2009…

…consider attending Winterworks, an “international ecologically sustainable bush textiles symposium”. The symposium will take place in the Mount Lofty Ranges in SA between July 12 and 17, 2009. India Flint, an Australian textile artist known for her works using Australian Merino wool and plants, has more information here. The setting certainly looks stunning; let’s keep an eye out for the call for papers.Read more

something good

Trying to stay on top of things, and up-to-date with EVERYTHING (ha!), I now get daily Google alerts on 20, 30, 40 topics a day; most on things relating to my thesis and, ahem, a few relating to birds. (Have you seen my Nerd.) You can specify News, Web, Blogs, Video or Comprehensive. I get Comprehensive, daily, for each search term (e.g. “green fashion”, “eco-fashion”, “sustainable fashion”, “green clothing”, “green apparel” and so it goes…) Thanks mainly to blogging,Read more


Today, Cotton USA gets into trouble for claims about cotton and sustainability – please, go after Jag Apparel next. Their ‘blog’ qualifies as advertising, doesn’t it? On a positive note, just after the 29th International Cotton Conference in Bremen, Germany, the Organic Exchange will organise a two-day seminar for business (courtesy of Ecotextile News). Why I avoid interviews with fashion designers written by fashion journalists (from The Toronto Star, via this blog): “Using raw silk in jewel tones, organic wools,Read more

greenwashing: cotton

Courtesy of another Google alert came this:“Essentially, all earth friendly fashion is biodegradable. 100% cotton is very appealing to most earth friendly fashion customers who wish to look chic and help the environment. If you’re interested in the latest earth friendly fashion made of 100% cotton, take a look at some of these featured 100% cotton items of eco-friendly apparel below.” Ok, the blog exists merely to promote a brand, Jag Apparel. And maybe Marissa2007 really does think cotton isRead more

Bottega Veneta A/W 2008 by Tomas Meier

These three looks caught my eye whilst trawling through the vortex that is during the shows. I’d argue that all three looks would be adapted to no-waste fairly easily, without compromising the integrity of each design. Maybe they are no-waste. I doubt it, but I’d love to work with them to make them so.Read more

copyright and fashion design in Australia

While in Melbourne, a copyright infringement case involving two dresses got a bit of press. Melbourne brand Review managed to convince a judge that a dress by Sydney label Lili was a copy of one by Review. You be the judge (Review on left, Lili on right; image from The Age): Whatever, I say. Copyright infringement is rampant in the Australian industry, but forgive me for saying this: neither of the above dresses are worthy of litigation given their lackRead more