reviewing the reviews

[Amended later, with big thanks to Helen from Sassybella: Patty Huntington is blogging over here. Thank goodness.] Well, not really [this was in ref to title, not Patty], but I do wonder what’s going on at the Sydney Morning Herald. More than 30 shows took place from Monday through Wednesday, and yet now, on Thursday morning, only seven shows have been covered in any detail. What’s more, only the established labels seem to attract the reporters (and same goes forRead more

a few good distractions

Then it gets sillier. No comment – I won’t pick on this any further. The Sydney Morning Herald’s coverage of RAFW is indexed here. I had grand plans to stay informed but it just couldn’t sustain my interest for more than ten minutes. Is that bad? (Under other circumstances it might have but at the moment writing and making are bigger priorities.) And where the hell is Patty Huntington? I’m probably hopelessly out of the loop; who does she writeRead more


This sums up the past four days as far as the thesis goes: What was I doing? Like that saint whosiwhatsit, I was summoning the birds, of course: Yep, still organising photos and feeling guilty I haven’t written a single word on a Sunday. I managed about a thousand yesterday. The Rainbow Lorikeets were down south, but the same birds frequent the tree next to my studio window. I doubt their colours will ever cease to amaze me. To myRead more

things that made me laugh while in melbourne

Yeah, I know, I was there almost two months ago, but I was tidying up my albums now so here they are. Seen on the street when I caught up with Di for breakfast: The following two were in a toilet cubicle at RMIT. Now, you may wonder why I had a camera with me in the toilet. Keep wondering. And finally, not funny but nice. Sunset at St Kilda. I was staying with my friend Mari and we rodeRead more

Earth Pledge FutureFashion revisited

Just linking to an excellent post by Jill Danyelle (she of fiftyRX3 fame and of about the show, quite passionately pointing out its shortcomings which I alluded to in three sentences. Jill later elaborates further here. After reading another lot of moronic blog entries about guilt-free (their claim) sustainable shopping and cute (their claim) eco-chic bits of crap these posts have restored my energy and faith. Eco-hating – I like it. She also questions the press-fluffy statements from LoomstateRead more

long leg panty girdle

When I first heard of Mara Havinoviski’s ‘Patterns for Fabric Economy’ (1969), I got very excited. A trawl through the websites of various Sydney libraries came to nada, and in the end I organised an interlibrary loan. Not sure why but I always feel guilty when I do, like I’m bothering the librarians, although it’s all done impersonally through the library website. The book arrived last week, from the Washington State University library. It smells of old book, or SantaRead more

still on copying

Still on the issue of copying/interpreting/adapting other people’s ideas, I had a chat with a friend yesterday. She started a new job some time ago and is very happy where she is. The ‘designer’ at the previous place hardly designed anything – the range board was filled with tear sheets from magazines and print-outs from various online boutiques selling high-end designer gear. My friend was part of the team responsible for copying these ideas – or adapting them for aRead more

you say inspiration, i say…

With RAFW around the corner, the bets are on: who will attempt to ‘reinterpret’ Givenchy’s eyelets from Spring 2008? (Copying is such a strong, accusatory word. Besides, if it’s in a cheap fabric, it’s not really copying now, is it?) Many in the industry have no doubt that the suppliers in China have been busy for the past six months reproducing them, but let’s wait and see. Nicole Phelps over at wasn’t too taken with them, but Vogue ParisRead more

rank in three parts

I know I said I’d wait till next weekend with washing the jeans. I buckled. One pair came out of the freezer only on Friday and yet today smelled like the Devil’s afterbirth, left in a warm room for a month. Mind you, only if you stuck your nose close to it, but still. So in they went, with a whole lot of other dark stuff, minimal detergent and softener (half doses of whatever the instructions ask for) and coldRead more