on plastic bottles and water

Operation Migration’s blog is part of my daily routine. A May 24 entry is a reprint of an article by Dr David Suzuki and Dr Faisal Moola: The water that comes out of most city taps in Canada is pretty clean. Yet many people prefer to spend money on bottled water, believing that it is somehow safer. Now we’re learning that the stuff in plastic water bottles may be more harmful than anything in our tap water. ‘Bisphenol A’ isRead more

it’s here!

I met Janet Hethorn nearly three years ago in Denmark, where she asked me if I’d be interested in contributing a chapter to a book she was planning with an associate, Connie Ulasewicz. It was around this time last year that the final drafts went in. Waiting for me at my desk today: (Finally, an excuse to use the built-in webcam at work. The book is available here.)Read more

Katherine Hamnett sample sale

From today through the weekend. The email directed to her website and HerSpace for more details but I couldn’t find any, so here they are: Dates: 15 – 18th May 2008Times: Thursday 15th 6-9pm Saturday 17th 11am-7pmFriday 16th 11am-8pm Sunday 18th 11am-5pm Entrance: £1 – includes prize draw Venue: The Boiler House (Near 93 Feet East)Old Truman BreweryBrick LaneWhitechapelLondon E1Read more

polyester recycling and plastic bottles

Before I got a permanent bottle for water, I was averaging buying one or two bottles of water a month. It wasn’t too bad considering I drink between one and three litres a day, depending if it’s a gym day. I bought a water filter last year which made tap water heaps more drinkable. Recycling is all well and good but when you think about the non-renewable raw material and the amount of energy that goes into one plastic bottle,Read more


Another “eco-fashion” blog and I can’t not link, nor shut up about it: “Evergreen Effect”. I get immediately suspicious now when I see a plant motif at the top of the page. And with good reason: “I wouldn’t want to be caught alive sporting the same outfit within a month.”“So to satisfy my curiosity, I launched a web search on eco-fashion. After a couple of hours of surfing the Internet, I’ve actually placed a number of orders on the variousRead more

future of fashion?

A Google alert (a glert?) took me to Andrea, upset her design was not a finalist in Seventeen’s Design Contest. While I sympathise, I do need to state my view that being competent at sketching is not a prerequisite for a successful career in fashion design. Madeleine Vionnet. Case closed. But, let’s have a quick look at the finalists. Most make claims of originality, creativity, uniqueness, etc. Little is evident in any of drawings. Most could come from the sameRead more


Browsing through the Environment section at the Sydney Morning Herald, I came across Miranda Devine’s terrifying account of the horrors that (presumably) she suffered at Bunnings: Without plastic bags we would all buy less, goes the thinking. But, of course, we won’t. Hence you have the ludicrous situation at Bunnings where a customer buys a small, but nonetheless unwieldy bag of potting mix (in dirty plastic wrapping), a tape measure, a paint-sample pot, marker pens, pest oil and a bottleRead more

clarifying the terminology: research involving (design) practice

After a meeting on Friday, my focus at the moment is the methodology chapter and in particular the issue of rigour in practice-led research. It’s not something I’m too concerned about but I do need to articulate very clearly the sources of rigour in my project. Over the weekend I was updating my readings on the area and came across this very helpful paper by Kristina Niedderer and Seymour Roworth-Stokes: ‘The role and use of creative practice in research andRead more