is this a test?

(Off-topic and too personal but it’s my blog so there) I wrote this in an email to a friend today: “And being on the edge of a breakdown of some flavour or another doesn’t help in that respect, either. Fortunately I’ve yet to flush my underpants, something a friend of a friend did at a late stage of her PhD; she realised her mistake just as the panties disappeared from view. But it can’t be far off for me, either.Read more


So, I’ve survived my first ever exhibition. I will post some photos within the next week or two, and am happy to report that the response was quite positive on the night. More importantly, having made the garments, I’ve got an entirely new sense of this kind of making. It’s empowering: I now know I can design everything from now on like this. A number of people (including many women) on the night asked as to whether I’d be sellingRead more