bulk (or hips full of fashion)

As a brief respite from writing writing writing, I popped over at style.com to ogle at whatever we’re meant to believe is what “women will be wearing” in the northern spring next year. Christopher Kane caught my eye, for better and for worse. This is how big he made two of his models’ hips look:Flaps. Jessica Stam may not be tallest model on the block (and this is good – I’m all for diversity of all kinds – and sheRead more

"zero waste designers"

From White Apricot, by Laurel House. Great to see this written about but once again, the pioneering works of Zandra Rhodes, Yeohlee Teng or Julian Roberts do not get mentioned. This amnesia by fashion writers* is a continuing concern; there is so much to learn from all three. (In a similar fashion, the current Australian issue of Marie Claire is “the green issue” which probably means that they’ve now ticked that box and who knows what next month brings. IRead more


One of the comments that mainly other fashion designers have made over the years about fabric waste elimination through design is, ‘Isn’t it very limiting for design?’ I won’t give my view on that just yet (but of course I have one), but the statement itself is something I can’t back up with literature – there is virtually no literature (except maybe things I’ve written but I have done no research into other designers’ perceptions of this kind of designingRead more

as i prepare for my first real job interview in seven years…

…I am also writing up findings from my project. I’ve drawn a diagram that looks benign enough – for a moment even I thought, ‘Is that it?’, after four years* – but when you really start thinking about it, it completely challenges what we conventionally perceive fashion design and patternmaking to be. Mostly patternmaking, though. But enough of that for now – no, I won’t post the diagram and no, I won’t elaborate just yet. Having seen others present myRead more

i like my style and wordle

It’s highly narcisistic and a huge procrastination-enabler, but I can’t stop obsessing about ilikemystyle.net My favourites include MKNYC, Peterkempe and koeque. Totally addictive. And thanks to Zoe, another time-waster: Wordle. Here is my blog as a word cloud:Read more