if only it were a joke

Inexplicably Conservapedia, “The Trustworthy Encyclopedia”, has an entry titled “Fashion industry values”, clearly written by a passionate but misguided (understatement of 2008?) teenager. On the one hand, it has had me in hysterics, on the other, it makes me cranky. I probably shouldn’t give it another thought. The entry on dinosaurs is worth a read, too. The thing I have trouble with in regards to all these (presumably land) animals squishing on board Noah’s ark is geography (and in caseRead more

still ‘ere

Just a quick note to pull this blog from the depths of obscurity (hell, I’ve even forgotten how to ping at Technorati, not that I know what pinging means) and to thank Sandra, Sam, Lynda and Holly for the emails, and Mike for the comment (some time ago, I know). To possible lurkers, I am alive, lucid even. I just read the last post. Deary me. If Mr Kane ever visits this blog (ha!), let it be known that IRead more