a weekend writing retreat…

…that was somewhat railroaded by food poisoning. I nevertheless managed a solid start on the edits as mentioned in the last post, and a two-hour walk around the Cape Byron Lighthouse on Sunday morning. The view north, from the forest walk from Byron Bay proper to the lighthouse: The view south: Another northerly view across the Bay from the lighthouse: Two humpback whales making their way north – when they should have been going south – between two kayaks: ARead more

no-waste and less-waste fashion designers

The aim of this post is to provide a bit of a list for anyone interested; please do email me about anyone I’ve missed. I’m more than happy to update. Holly McQuillan emailed me yesterday; her recent zero-waste garments are now online. I actually saw the process work when Holly was here for Fashioning Now and was completely blown away by it – truly inspiring! Have a look:Precarious CutWolf/Sheep I actually saw this mentioned on Clara Vuletich’s blog last yearRead more

a friend in need

Over the past year I’ve been blessed with post-it after post-it from Zoe. I don’t want this to sound like a whinge because it isn’t, but since the beginning of April, I’ve had three weekends. I passionately love what I do but Fashioning Now has been a time-consuming project – time well spent, nevertheless! In particular, it was a delight to hear Kate Fletcher speak, ditto for Susan Dimasi (one half of Materialbyproduct), and it was really inspiring to meetRead more


I love a bad photo of me and this should make the all-time top five: My head on my no-waste shirt. A thesis cover, perhaps? The photo is by Aram Dulyan, and I should point out his photography of the event is outstanding; much of it will be on the Fashioning Now site soon. I suspect this one was very much intentional…Read more