Julien Macdonald’s YSL ‘homage’

Browsing through style.com as I usually do during the shows, I noticed something very familiar about Julien Macdonald’s use of sequins in a fish scale pattern: (Above images from style.com) They reminded me of a 1983 dress by Yves Saint Laurent, sometimes referred to as the sardine dress, in the collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. A dress that looks like this:(Page 94 from ‘Haute Couture’ by Richard Martin and Harold Koda, published by The MetropolitanRead more

Rachael Cassar at Estethica S/S 2010 at LFW

Rachael Cassar is a friend and a former student, who is showing at Estethica as part of London Fashion Week for the first time. Rachael won the Media Prize of the Australian final of the 2006 LancĂ´me Colour Design Awards (another staff member and I did an all-nighter with the students for that – there was definitely something comical about trying to ensure the cleaners wouldn’t vacuum the sequins off the floor at 5am…) and she was the overall winnerRead more

Sam Formo’s zero-waste jacket

Sam Formo’s name has come up here a few times and I was fortunate enough to see the photos of this jacket quite a while ago. I didn’t want to post any photos earlier, in case doing so might have compromised Sam’s chances of entering any competitions, which I’m glad he did do: the Metropolis Next Generation competition. The results are in, and Sam was commended as one of twelve notables. Congratulations! Feel free to disagree but I think thatRead more

the hoodie – an attempt to explain

I feel very humbled by and grateful for having been featured on three prominent blogs over the last few days. Kathleen Fasanella from Fashion Incubator (you need her book!) posted the hoodie as a Pattern Puzzle, Danielle Meder from Final Fashion posted her very good go at it, and Outi of Outsapop wrote a post on zero-waste fashion. Thank you, and more importantly, thank you each for your blogs! I realise that the pattern diagram for the hoodie isn’t particularlyRead more