The GreenShows at New York fashion week

Work commitments permitting, I’ll be attending some of the GreenShows during fashion week. The designers/companies featured this time around are: Gary HarveyVaute CoutureSonja den ElzenJoann BermanKeia PoundsPopomomoSamantha Pleetdeux fmEkovaruhusetC. Marchuska Having looked through the sites of each, the diversity of approaches and aesthetics is great to see. It’s also good to remember these aren’t the only labels a buyer or a journalist should seek out if his/her interest is sustainability. For example, Study NY and Titania Inglis are absolute mustsRead more

dry ice

As I’ve mentioned here a number of times before, freezers aren’t only good for storing vodka. They can also be used to delay the need for laundering jeans, and a whole lot of other garments. I had a chuckle this morning; TreeHugger has finally caught on to this, too. Or rather, a Brazilian denim brand, Tristar, is using it as a marketing gimmick. People, amazingly this works on jeans of any brand; if you haven’t tried it yet, do. AsRead more