Parsons 2010 Show – some of the sustainability tiles

Here are some of the tiles I created for the sustainability section in the School of Fashion exhibit in the Parsons 2010 Show. I should note, Jonathan Kyle Farmer made the process very easy and fun for me by having a template to work towards. The School of Fashion Sustainability Manifesto: A Sydney friend’s laundry as part of the exhibition:Hee Lim’s thesis collection:An adjustable dress whose designer I’ve misplaced – to be fixed soon!Dress by Jayme Cyk:Some of my playRead more

Parsons 2010 Show

At work we’ve referred to this as the Five Schools Show – the Schools of Fashion, Art, Media & Technology, Design Strategies, Art & Design History & Theory and Constructed Environments are coming together within the Sheila C. Johnson Design Center to share accomplishments over the past year. I’d like to congratulate a colleague, Jonathan Kyle Farmer, who designed the School of Fashion exhibit: The Periodic Table of Fashion Elements. Congratulations to all the other schools, too: the space isRead more

CutPrint = JR + JR: Details

As I mentioned some time ago, Julian Roberts is coming to NYC; less than a month to go now! The details for the NYC event are below but Julian’s tour will also cover Toronto, St. Helena CA and Vancouver. In NYC Julian is teaming up with JR Campbell from Kent State University, the host of the NY event. The tireless Sandy Ericson from the Center for Pattern Design is the powerhouse behind the tour and can provide more details. TheRead more

Thank you WGSN, with thanks to Lynda Grose and Kate Fletcher

Thank you to Libby Banks and Andrew Jobling at WGSN; I feel humbled. I must say, my sustainability heroes are Kate Fletcher and Lynda Grose. Two amazing people who’ve been at it longer than most, and too often overlooked. Even once is too often, and I should have acknowledged both in the interview. Kate and Lynda, I wouldn’t be here without you two. Libby, huge thanks to you, too!Read more

thank you

Thank you once again Zoe! Once again, these beautiful birds come at a particularly welcome time; two of my closest are quite unwell, though with potentially positive eventual outcomes. Being far away is hard. Also, about a month ago I found out about an old friend in Sydney passing away suddenly. Not one of my closest, to be sure, but someone I knew and had a huge amount of admiration for nearly 15 years. Enjoy:Read more

Eco Chic – Towards Sustainable Swedish Fashion (part 2)

The press photos provided by the organizers are simply too beautiful not to use so here they are – thank you organizers! The copyright owner of all the photographs is the Swedish Institute, Please do not republish any images without permission from the Swedish Institute. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you spot an incorrect link – I am working on adrenaline now. Sleep beckons in July. Julian RedPhotography by Mikael Schultz Nudie JeansPhotography by Jonas LinellPia AnjouPhotography byRead more

Eco Chic – Towards Sustainable Swedish Fashion (part 1)

This wonderful exhibition, having already toured extensively, opened last night at Scandinavia House here in NY with a symposium on which I’ve written at the Parsons School of Fashion blog. The exhibition is commissioned and produced by The Swedish Institute, and the curator and exhibition architect is Karin Gräns. Congratulations on the beautiful design of the space! The wall plaques are made from natural rubber, and the stands are naturally dark rather than dyed black wood. The circular motifs ofRead more