Terry Fox, Resurrectine, 2007 The Junky Styling Wardrobe Surgery is an extension of Resurrectine, a fantastic exhibition at the Ronald Feldman Gallery. I spent a good hour again yesterday checking it out. The exhibition has been extended by a month to July 23 so do see it. I don’t have images for two of my favourite works but I’m going back on Saturday to say goodbye to Annika and Kerry so will get photos of them then. In the meanwhile,Read more

Junky Styling – Wardrobe Surgery

Annika and Kerry from Junky Styling are here! From today until Saturday they have a pop-up shoppy thing at the Ronald Feldman Gallery as part of Resurrectine, an exhibition I’d highly recommend. You can take an old garment for consultation, and Annika and Kerry will perform their magic to resurrect it. The details are: Ronald Feldman Gallery31 Mercer StreetNew York NY 10013Open Tuesday-Saturday 10am-6pm Resurrectine provides an amazing surrounding for Wardrobe Surgery, and I’ll try post about it later inRead more

Julian Roberts & J.R. Campbell NYC workshops 11-12 June 2010

Firstly, to those 1265 of you waiting on me to respond to emails etc. I am so very sorry. I am currently doing about three full-time jobs’ worth of work (in fact, about to head to the office on a Sunday morning) while dealing with the excruciating stress of being far away from a very sick grandmother and a very sick sister. I will be with both in a week, still hoping for a different trip to my last inRead more