Waste management hierarchy

Image from the Wikipedia article on waste management hierarchy. In the wake of the NYTimes article and it going viral, it’s perhaps timely to reiterate a few things. A number of people have left comments on various blogs as well as emailed me directly about various textile recycling options. Thank you all. Where waste is unavoidable, reuse and recycling are of course solutions. It is, however, always better to try and avoid creating waste in the first place, and thisRead more

New York Times on Parsons and Loomstate

Thank you to Stephanie Rosenbloom at the New York Times. Sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning the article on the Parsons and Loomstate collaboration went live, and life has been somewhat busy since. I’d like to welcome all my new followers, and apologize to all of you still waiting on a response to an email or phone message; I’m getting there slowly.  It’s an absolute delight that so many deserving designers have received additional attention as a result. ‘Normal’Read more