Snehal Bathwal

Snehal Bathwal was one of my Seniors last year at Parsons The New School for Design; she was an amazing privilege to work with. She had a very clear plan from the start last August (2010), and whilst the process was anything but easy, she succeeded in the end. She has now entered a competition through have a lookk, and please vote. If anyone deserves it, she does!Read more

Emotional zero-waste?

Some very valid points are raised in this rather hilarious discussion at Artisan’s Square, even if fuming is not one of them. I’ll address certain points in coming weeks; just too much to do right now. Over-simplification and binary opposition of issues (‘X is better than Y’, when in fact X might be the more appropriate in one situation, and Y in another) – the main points I need to address – are very common, and understandably so, flaws inRead more