marital status: variable

After it became possible in New York State last year, I married my partner on our tenth anniversary of being together. We were, and are, clear that this is recognised by state, not federal law. Nonetheless, today’s reminder felt harsh. In what has become an October tradition for us, we filled our online entries for the 2013 Diversity Visa. Most people know this as the green card lottery. On the first page the form has a question about marital status.Read more

ZWPC workshop

The Zero-Waste Pattern Cutting workshop that took place at Aalto University in August has a blog. The workshop was taught by Holly McQuillan and participants included some (to me) familiar faces like Jane Palmu, Simone Austen and my friend Maarit. The website features work and a brief statement from each participant. I was lucky to be invited to visit on the last day; I shared about 15%, which had opened the night before. The workshop was part of Baltic Fashion,Read more


As final year fashion students in 1999, we were required to have industry mentors. Mine, a well-known Australian designer, said there was no time to design in industry. (It came up because he asked for my advice on how to copy a twist in a Valentino frock. I was a student. This was all highly confusing for me at the time.) For the next nine years, particularly through working as a freelance pattern cutter, those words rang true on countlessRead more


If one were that way inclined, and I am not, one could count an extensive list of texts on “sustainable fashion” (whatever that is – I suspect most folks see it as a product category, something to shop for) from the past decade arguing that this is a paradox. On one hand, I can see why this continues to fascinate people, and on the other, it frustrates me to no end, mainly because I’m not sure how much that conversationRead more

Bill of Reproductive Rights, Julia Gillard

You can show your support for the Bill of Reproductive Rights here. Why am I posting it? After 15+ years of involvement in this industry I love, I am done with the discrimination against women that I witness on a regular basis*, and the Bill is completely connected to doing away with that. And, this has been a huge week for women and women’s rights, within a bizarre year of conversations about women’s rights. Julia Gillard, Australia’s Prime Minister, blew upRead more