Nick Cave: Heard

Nick Cave, thank you for creating magic for the children and the bigger children of New York. This morning was about as inspiring as it gets – just brilliant! The iPhone videos do the performance no justice – it really was pure magic.Read more

Dress Practice Collective: call for submissions

Broken arm and photograph by Greg Climer Dress Practice Collective Parsons The New School for Design Editors: Alessandro Esculapio, Sara Idavacage, and Laura Peach Call for Submissions on Fashion & Healing The Dress Practice Collective invites you to submit to the first issue of our new publication exploring the subject of “Fashion & Healing”. We are looking for original pieces of writing and visual media. Content may include (but is not limited to): photography, drawing, painting, poetry, interviews, fiction, non-fictionRead more

The men and women who plant trees

The above of course reminds many of us of Wangari Maathai of Kenya, and the Green Belt Movement she established. I stumbled on this train of thought on a Sunday evening after Carmen Artigas, who runs the Ethical Fashion NY Facebook page, among countless things, posted about Jadav Payeng, who created a 1,360 acre forest in India. It reminded me of a TED talk by Allan Savory that I watched a few days ago, that focuses on restoring grassland habitatsRead more


Baroness McIntosh of Hudnall at the House of Lords: “We buy too much of everything because we can and because the market is geared towards high volume and low costs, as we have heard from many other speakers. We have largely forgotten how to value, restore, maintain and sustain the clothes that we wear. We are shamefully and shamelessly profligate. This is a difficult issue for Governments of all complexions because the prevailing economic orthodoxy says that consumption equals growth,Read more

Local Wisdom Melbourne

Concluding (for now) a series of photo shoots that started in San Francisco and Kolding, followed by London, Vancouver and New York, and Wellington last week, this Saturday Melbourne will be host to the Local Wisdom shoot. Come and tell the team how you use your clothes, and please spread the word!Read more

Land of Dreams trailer

Just over a month ago I got to catch up with Outi Pyy of Outsapop and meet Minna Särelä of Paloni. They were in New York to set up a pop-up version of Paloni, Minna’s store in Helsinki. They didn’t come alone. Minna’s idea got a lot of support very quickly and many of the designers stocked by Paloni came along, as did the model Stephanie Wardi and photographer Pauli Siuruainen. It was really inspiring to see a group ofRead more

Making It: 20 Years of Student Fashion

As I mentioned some time back, the Powerhouse Museum contacted me in January about the 20th anniversary of their Student Fashion exhibition. I am so honored to be included; thank you to the Powerhouse Museum and curator Glynis Jones. Back in 1999, my work, a dress and a jumpsuit made from printed and sequinned Chux Superwipes backed with lamé – I’ve always had questionable taste – was part of the exhibition: Photograph courtesy of the Powerhouse Museum. Back in November, despiteRead more

Scholar series on Magnifeco

Thank you Kate Black for inviting me to kick off the new Scholar Series on Magnifeco. In a double kick-off, there will be a slew of Finns featured in coming days so watch out! (Many people think I’m Australian. Some days I think that, too. I had 14 amazing years there.) Also thank you to Arti Sandhu at Columbia College Chicago, for allowing me to use an updated version of the essay I wrote for the catalogue of Zero Waste:Read more

Zero-waste in Financial Times

Thank you Lucie Muir for highlighting Shingo Sato, Julian Roberts, Juliana Sissons, Thomas Mahon and I in the Financial Times yesterday. Reading the article has left me reflecting on what it is that we collectively do. Of course I cannot speak for my esteemed company, but the kind of fashion design that dominates – the illusion, the myth – of a fashion designer producing a sketch, artist-like, which then is translated into a garment by mostly invisible hands, has neverRead more

option to recycle may increase resource consumption

An interesting study in the Journal of Consumer Psychology by Jesse Catlin and Yitong Wang. In looking at H&M’s take-back scheme, I speculated that recycling might create an illusion that current levels of consumption are fine. This study points towards things being somewhat worse than that: that giving consumers the option to recycle may in fact increase consumption. Just a reminder, too, that avoiding waste is almost always better than trying to recycle it.Read more