Making It: 20 Years of Student Fashion

As I mentioned some time back, the Powerhouse Museum contacted me in January about the 20th anniversary of their Student Fashion exhibition. I am so honored to be included; thank you to the Powerhouse Museum and curator Glynis Jones. Back in 1999, my work, a dress and a jumpsuit made from printed and sequinned Chux Superwipes backed with lamé – I’ve always had questionable taste – was part of the exhibition:


Photograph courtesy of the Powerhouse Museum.

Back in November, despite Hurricane Sandy, I exhibited twin outfits at the Fashion Art Biennale in Seoul. Created in the lead-up to the election here, this was my illustration:


I cannot therefore describe my gratitude to Glynis and all of the incredible people at the Powerhouse Museum for making this possible:

Powerhouse Museum celebrating 25 years

Photograph courtesy of the Powerhouse Museum.

Australian politics have not left me untouched, even if I’ve not lived there for three years. It’s an election year, and I hope for progress on social justice. Once again, thank you Powerhouse Museum, Glynis and everyone; your enthusiasm and patience along the way have been remarkable and touching.

The crepe tartans were a donation from Pamela Vanderlinde in Chicago. They are based on Sonia Delaunay’s printed textiles from the 1910s and 20s, and were woven by Lochcarron of Scotland for Vanderlinde in 2001. Thank you Pamela!

Here are the patterns for the two garments (typos and all):



1 responses to Making It: 20 Years of Student Fashion

  1. Thanks Timo for the shout-out- Great work!-it’s always wonderful to see an another artist’s creations using the same fabric.
    Pamela Vanderlinde

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