Masterpieces of Everyday New York

The reception for Masterpieces of Everyday New York: Objects as Story, will take place at Parsons on Thursday August 29, 6-8pm. I hope to see you there! The exhibition, curated by Radhika Subramaniam and Margot Bouman, has got great press over the summer; take a look. I suspect my contribution in the exhibition may well be the minisculest 🙂Read more

Julian Roberts free book

UPDATE: Julian broke Dropbox. Here’s an alternative link:  I reckon you should click the below link, too, so that Dropbox make Julian the emperor, and you give the government more to look at you for 🙂 Julian Roberts has released a book on subtraction cutting. It’s 127 pages and has loads of colour images. DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE BY CLICKING HERE! That’s right, it is free. Julian has requested to share it widely so please do. Thanks Julian! OnRead more