Fashion Interactions

On Monday Fashion Interactions will open at Parsons, followed by an opening reception on Friday November 15, 6-9pm. Fashion Interactions is a multidisciplinary exhibition that explores fashion culture by means of contemporary art, design and media. The exhibited works comment on the unsustainability of the fashion industry, analyze the relationship of fashion and corporeality, and investigate how people use clothes as tools for building their identities. Curated by Annamari Vänskä, a post-doctoral research fellow at the Centre for Fashion StudiesRead more

on inspiration

My zero-waste students get some version of the above at the start of the course, with the homework of documenting moments, verbally and visually, from the past 12 months where they have truly been inspired. Like truly, madly, deeply inspired; I describe inspiration as a physical sensation that keeps you up at night. Over the past few years I have overused the jellyfish example, mainly because it comes up almost every semester, along with the seven deadly sins, ancient EgyptRead more

before you email me

First, I want to acknowledge you for your interest in fashion and sustainability, and thank you for thinking of me as someone capable of making a difference for you in relation to that. This post is an attempt at not only humour; it’s also an attempt at managing my time as well as your expectations. Here are responses to the three most common questions I get asked: Q: What are your thoughts on sustainable fashion? A: Chocolate (and sex) Q:Read more