Fashion Revolution Day

It has been a year today since Rana Plaza. I urge you to take a moment to see what The Guardian and The New York Times have done to mark the anniversary. Much of it is not easy to watch and yet I feel we must connect as directly as possible with the people who lost their lives, families or livelihoods – the urgency has not faded in the course of a year.

Australia and New Zealand have all but completed their Fashion Revolution Days; here in New York we’re just about to start. I’m wearing almost all American brands today, below. To get involved is simple:

1. Turn your clothes inside out and check the labels

2. Take a selfie

3. Tweet/Instagram/Facebook the brand and ask them, Who made your clothes?

Use #insideout and tag @fash_rev

Calvin Klein briefs, made in EgyptCalvin-Klein-Egypt

Calvin Klein t-shirt, made in HaitiCalvin-Klein-Haiti

Hanes tank top, made in HaitiHanes-Haiti

Levi’s jeans, made in MexicoLevis-Mexico

Usvsu denim jacket, made by Karen Giard in Sydney, Australia, in September 2003Usvsu-Sydney

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