Cloth Cultures: Future Legacies of Dorothy K. Burnham

I am thrilled to be a keynote speaker at this conference next year, on the late Dorothy Burnham at her ‘home’, the Royal Ontario Museum. Discovering Cut My Cote was such a validating moment for me during my PhD (thank you both Kathleen Fasanella and Dr Alexandra Palmer for pointing me to it) – to find someone who had been thinking about the same issues decades earlier, albeit in a different context. As with the Fashion Doctors lecture at ROMRead more

False Dichotomy curated by Libby Clarke

#communication, still in progress, will be part of an invitational pop-up, False Dichotomy, curated by Libby Clarke. The exhibition centers on fine art printmaking that intersects with, depends upon, and even conquers high technology. Invited artists use data, sensors, alternate processes, wearables, performance, and other technologies to produce multiples, texts, and other sorts of editions. I have embroidered a phrase each day now for 71 days, posting each phrase on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, to conclude on day 100. TheRead more