Storm King Art Center


Perhaps because I grew up in a small country town in Finland surrounded by forest and farmland, getting out of New York City on a regular basis is a necessity for me, much as I love the city for all it offers. This week I had the opportunity to visit Storm King Art Center, combining my love of the outdoors and art. I first visited the Center in June as part of a work retreat, and I wanted to return as back then we missed some sections of the Center, and my husband and best friend had not yet been. Furthermore, I have begun development of new work in which space is a material, and Storm King is a unique place for an immersion of different spatial experiences.

The trip was made possible by Chevrolet, who lent out a brand new Volt for a test drive, with no expectation of anything in return. (See bottom of post for full disclosure.) I do want to acknowledge Chevrolet; the Volt was an absolute pleasure to drive. Moving out of the city, as many of my colleagues have, maybe on the cards in the next couple of years, and it would necessitate a car, and we would certainly give Volt serious consideration. (I would only consider electric vehicles.) From next year New York state buyers of electric vehicles can receive up to $2K in a rebate, on top of the federal government’s electric vehicle tax credit. While I’ve deliberately chosen a lifestyle for two decades that has made owning a car unnecessary, moving out of the city would change that. Not for commuting – I would use a train or a bus to get in and out of the city – but for life’s other necessities, like grocery shopping and visiting friends. Thank you Chevrolet; there may well be a Volt in my future. (Incidentally, Forbes wrote a favorable review of the Volt this week.)


Storm King Art Center is a calming combination of art and nature. Last time I saw many chipmunks scurrying on the grounds, and on this visit we saw several groundhogs among the art. Most striking were the countless butterflies. While photographing a Monarch Butterfly with a phone is futile at the best of times, here you go. I maybe mistaken but I think this is a member of the generation that will migrate to Mexico for the winter. Safe travels, friend:


Andy Goldsworthy’s Storm King Wall is my favourite work at the Center, meandering from the woods into a pond, where it becomes a rest stop for turtles (they are too fast for photography).




Whether you live in New York or are visiting, make the time to visit. The drive was 90 minutes from Queens, and the scenery among the Palisades Interstate Parkway is breathtaking, in itself worth the drive.

Disclosure: Chevrolet and the communications company representing Chevrolet did not pay me, and when I asked what their expectation was in terms of endorsement, they said none. If I wanted to post about the test drive, I was free to, however there was no expectation to do so. We (my husband and my best friend) really had a great day, and the three of us enjoyed the drive. What I did get was access to a fully charged car for 24 hours, and acknowledging Chevrolet in this post is my thanks for the privilege. The communications company did a wonderful job facilitating the test drive amid my challenging schedule, so thank you for that as well.

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