What will change

At The New School, I am one of the affiliated faculty of the Tishman Environment and Design Center (TEDC), a university body comprising staff, students and faculty with a shared commitment around sustainability. In particular we are united by a shared concern about accelerating climate change and the interrelated injustices in the US and internationally. Affiliated faculty were asked to respond to Trump’s election as President of the United States; my response was posted today on the TEDC blog. IRead more

Fibershed: Community Supported Cloth

If you’re not familiar with Fibershed and need some inspiring reading in these uncertain times, dig in; I’ve followed Fibershed’s work for some years from a distance. Since August I have had their Fine Fiber and Wool book, above, on loan to show my students and share with my colleagues. I was lucky to meet with Fibershed, including one of the farmers, when they were in New York in October. One farm at a time, the work of Fibershed transformsRead more

Standing Rock teach-in at The New School

On Friday I attended the Standing Rock teach-in at work. I highly recommend watching the recording; in particular, the clear message of 15-year-old Zaysha Grinnell of ReZpect Our Water guides us into an unknown future. The event was well conceived and the speakers excellent; thank you to organizers and speakers. What struck me overall was the way in which almost every speaker acknowledged our presence on Lenape land: Manhattan, or Mannahatta, is Lenape territory. This is the first instance thatRead more