Home Is Where the Heart Is

Work in progress for Home Is Where the Heart Is, 2017

“Home is Where the Heart is” is an exhibition about place and displacement. The exhibition at Kustera Projects will take place within the context of a large dollhouse that was recovered from a home severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy. Both Kustera Projects and the surrounding Red Hook, Brooklyn neighborhood were also directly impacted by the storm as were several of the artists and curators participating in this project. The exhibition seeks to bring together a group of artists and designers to demonstrate a contemporary vision of place and displacement within the context of a miniature installation space (a dollhouse) in a gallery within the context of a community (Red Hook, Brooklyn) that continues to experience both economic and environmental displacement.

As we approach the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, an interdisciplinary group of 23 artists have come together to create an exhibition about place and displacement. Co-curator and participating artist Andrew Cornell Robinson recovered a dollhouse from his family’s home and community devastated by the hurricane. The watermarks still visible on the stained wallpaper mark the receding ocean and are evidence of the loss of life and the destruction of whole communities. This miniature edifice serves as a palimpsest for each of the artists who have been randomly assigned a room to transform. The melancholy history of this reliquary is subdued by the balm of optimism sparked by the creative responses of this group of intergenerational and cross-disciplinary cultural producers that include sculptors, painters, printmakers, an architect, curators, fashion designers, ceramists, a dancer and a filmmaker who each respond to this space by creating something new and playful.

Curated by Andrew Cornell Robinson and Jim Osman

Participating artists include:
Fanny Allié, Gabriela Alva Cal y. Mayor, Ina Archer, Anney Bonney, Eddie Chu, Greg Climer, Paul D’Agostino, Blane De St. Croix, Brenda Garand, Julien Gardair, Jeffrey Goldstein, Frank Holliday, Roxanne Jackson, Carter Kustera, Jim Osman, Natalia Porter, Timo Rissanen, Andrew Cornell Robinson, Elise Siegel, Diana Shpungin, Yon Tande, Kate Teale, Brain Andrew Whitely

“Home is Where the Heart is” opens on Saturday, April 29th, with a reception from 6-8pm. The exhibition runs through June 4th, 2017.

Gallery Hours: Thursday – Sunday, 12-6pm, and by appointment

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