Samuji Talks

This Saturday I’m excited to take part in #SamujiTalks at the Samuji New York store, at 12 Prince Street, with Finnish journalist Pauliina Siniauer. Funny coincidence: both Pauliina and I are from Nummela. I’d love to see you there!Read more

#bigmuscle in Handled

#bigmuscle is an homage to men who flex on Instagram. It is a humorous comment on online crushes, and yet it also reminds us that in many places the virtual realm is the only safe space for minorities to flirt and negotiate relationships. #bigmuscle will be part of Handled at Gallery 263. Handled is a juried exhibition selected by Pat Falco, and opens on Thursday, September 7, with opening reception on Saturday, September 9. The exhibition celebrates the unrefined, imperfect,Read more