Portrait: Identity and Expression

The Rest In Porn triptych will be part of ‘Portrait: Identity and Expression’ at Site:Brooklyn, opening Friday January 31, 2020. I’ve previously written about the work here and here; the project was prompted in 2013 by the suicides of three high profile porn actors. Having worked on this project in two iterations intermittently across seven years, I am now putting it to rest. May Dror, Peter and Wilfried rest in power.Read more

recent thoughts on fashion and sustainability

Often when responding to journalists (or students) via email, my rawest thoughts come to the surface. Even when those thoughts don’t make the cut to the final piece, they’re worth sharing, both for my own memory and in my hope that they trigger a reader’s thinking. Here are questions and answers from three recent exchanges with journalists, and one with high school students. The first of the articles was published in the student newspaper of The New School. — WhatRead more