Wardrobe Crisis with Clare Press and Kim Jenkins

I wrote the following for the Tishman Environment & Design Center’s blog following last week’s event. On Wednesday February 28th, the third day of our climate injustice disruption throughout the university, the Tishman Environment and Design Center and the School of Fashion at Parsons hosted a conversation to mark the US publication of Clare Press’s book Wardrobe Crisis. Press is the Sustainability Editor-at-Large of Vogue Australia, to our knowledge the first such appointment at a major fashion magazine. For theRead more

What is fashion good for?

I’m delighted to be a contributor for a new publication, One Quart Magazine. My first article is now up, part one of my response to the question, what is fashion good for? I hope you check it out, along with all of the excellent articles in the magazine. My thanks to Astrid Swan for the invitation to contribute. Through Monokini 2.0 I’ve got to know Swan’s music well over the past year; she provided much of the soundtrack to writingRead more

Recap: Holly McQuillan at Parsons School of Design

Thank you everyone who came to the book talk on Thursday night; it was a packed house and Holly and I really appreciate it! Amazon now lists our book as the #1 release in Fashion and Textile Business so thank you to all who have purchased the book! Feedback is already coming our way and we welcome all of it. On Friday and Saturday Holly led a two-day workshop on zero waste fashion design with School of Fashion faculty atRead more

Quick Q&A

Alison is a senior at a high school in New York, and she got in touch with me with a few questions for a research project for her Environmental Science class. Whenever I encounter high school students asking questions about fashion and sustainability I smile with optimism; I trust the next generation will take on the formidable challenges ahead. We, the generation before, still have work to do, make no mistake about that. Here are her questions and my briefRead more

CFDA fashion education summit

Thank you CFDA! It was a privilege to attend the fashion education summit today, and it was such a delight to catch up with friends from schools across America. The beginning landed somewhat poorly at least in the table I was sitting in: we felt CFDA was going to tell us what we educators do wrong. Someone perhaps said something because Lisa Smilor, Deputy Director: Programs and Operations, did rectify this and to CFDA’s credit the day turned out to beRead more

Zero-waste at Lahti University of Applied Sciences

A couple of months ago I was contacted by Kia Koski, a Finnish fashion designer and lecturer at Lahden Muotoiluinstituutti, or Lahti University of Applied Sciences. Her students experimented with zero-waste, and I would say the results are astounding. Apologies Kia and students – it’s taken me a while to post. You can download a press release by clicking here. It’s heart-warming for me to see such an interest in Finland (Aalto have engaged with zero-waste fashion design, too), theRead more

ZWPC workshop

The Zero-Waste Pattern Cutting workshop that took place at Aalto University in August has a blog. The workshop was taught by Holly McQuillan and participants included some (to me) familiar faces like Jane Palmu, Simone Austen and my friend Maarit. The website features work and a brief statement from each participant. I was lucky to be invited to visit on the last day; I shared about 15%, which had opened the night before. The workshop was part of Baltic Fashion,Read more

for those in London: MA Fashion & the Environment at SHIFT

MA_10 /EXHIBITIONMA FASHION & THE ENVIRONMENT MONDAY 1 FEBRUARYPRIVATE VIEW & PRESENTATION TO PRESS, INDUSTRY, TUTORS AND STUDENTS / 13.00 – 16.00 FRIDAY 29 JANUARY – MONDAY 1 FEBRUARYPUBLIC VIEW / FRIDAY 17.30 – 22.30 / SATURDAY – MONDAY 12.00 – 16.00 You are invited to see, hear and participate in creative provocations by graduates of MA Fashion and the Environment. Work offers a dialogue around the ecological, social and cultural dilemmas of fashion in our time.This exhibition is broughtRead more

open your diaries, and educators, look up!

At the moment the amount of writing is making my fingers and brain bleed, hence the lack of posting. I’d be lying if I said this year, with the exhibition(s), thesis submission, the possible show in December and the rest weren’t making me nervous. At times it’s terrifying. But enough whine and onto business: UC Davis is hosting a free (good on them!) symposium: “Designing with Conscience: A Sustainable Fashion Symposium” on Sunday, May 18. The list of confirmed speakersRead more