What will change

At The New School, I am one of the affiliated faculty of the Tishman Environment and Design Center (TEDC), a university body comprising staff, students and faculty with a shared commitment around sustainability. In particular we are united by a shared concern about accelerating climate change and the interrelated injustices in the US and internationally. Affiliated faculty were asked to respond to Trump’s election as President of the United States; my response was posted today on the TEDC blog. IRead more

Standing Rock teach-in at The New School

On Friday I attended the Standing Rock teach-in at work. I highly recommend watching the recording; in particular, the clear message of 15-year-old Zaysha Grinnell of ReZpect Our Water guides us into an unknown future. The event was well conceived and the speakers excellent; thank you to organizers and speakers. What struck me overall was the way in which almost every speaker acknowledged our presence on Lenape land: Manhattan, or Mannahatta, is Lenape territory. This is the first instance thatRead more

Fashion Revolution Day

It has been a year today since Rana Plaza. I urge you to take a moment to see what The Guardian and The New York Times have done to mark the anniversary. Much of it is not easy to watch and yet I feel we must connect as directly as possible with the people who lost their lives, families or livelihoods – the urgency has not faded in the course of a year. Australia and New Zealand have all butRead more

Indigenous New Media Symposium

On Friday evening I resisted my urge to go home and gorge on chocolate in front of Netflix, and instead went to the Indigenous New Media Symposium at The New School. The speakers were Dr Jessica Metcalfe of Beyond Buckskin, Adrienne Keene of Native Appropriations, Chase Iron Eyes and Jarrett Martineau. Clayton Thomas-Muller’s flight had trouble landing; he came in right at the end, after having sent us a video from the plane. The evening was nothing short of incredible.Read more

The Fashion Condition

Back in June 2013 an inspiring group of colleagues, students and friends came together for a book sprint. We called ourselves The Fashion Praxis Collective, and the result of that magical week is now ready. We hope that you will enjoy The Fashion Condition.Read more

on inspiration

My zero-waste students get some version of the above at the start of the course, with the homework of documenting moments, verbally and visually, from the past 12 months where they have truly been inspired. Like truly, madly, deeply inspired; I describe inspiration as a physical sensation that keeps you up at night. Over the past few years I have overused the jellyfish example, mainly because it comes up almost every semester, along with the seven deadly sins, ancient EgyptRead more

marital status: variable

After it became possible in New York State last year, I married my partner on our tenth anniversary of being together. We were, and are, clear that this is recognised by state, not federal law. Nonetheless, today’s reminder felt harsh. In what has become an October tradition for us, we filled our online entries for the 2013 Diversity Visa. Most people know this as the green card lottery. On the first page the form has a question about marital status.Read more

Bill of Reproductive Rights, Julia Gillard

You can show your support for the Bill of Reproductive Rights here. Why am I posting it? After 15+ years of involvement in this industry I love, I am done with the discrimination against women that I witness on a regular basis*, and the Bill is completely connected to doing away with that. And, this has been a huge week for women and women’s rights, within a bizarre year of conversations about women’s rights. Julia Gillard, Australia’s Prime Minister, blew upRead more