Julian Roberts free book

UPDATE: Julian broke Dropbox. Here’s an alternative link: http://www.mediafire.com/view/eabgygf9d0b9ira/FREE-CUTTING-Julian-Roberts.pdf  I reckon you should click the below link, too, so that Dropbox make Julian the emperor, and you give the government more to look at you for 🙂 Julian Roberts has released a book on subtraction cutting. It’s 127 pages and has loads of colour images. DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE BY CLICKING HERE! That’s right, it is free. Julian has requested to share it widely so please do. Thanks Julian! OnRead more

Zero-waste in Financial Times

Thank you Lucie Muir for highlighting Shingo Sato, Julian Roberts, Juliana Sissons, Thomas Mahon and I in the Financial Times yesterday. Reading the article has left me reflecting on what it is that we collectively do. Of course I cannot speak for my esteemed company, but the kind of fashion design that dominates – the illusion, the myth – of a fashion designer producing a sketch, artist-like, which then is translated into a garment by mostly invisible hands, has neverRead more

The Cutting Circle – How Making Challenges Design

In July 2011 I experienced two weeks that remain among the most inspiring of my life as part of The Cutting Circle at Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand. The initial idea was conceived by Holly McQuillan and she approached Julian Roberts and I about it, secured the funding, and off we went. For two weeks we made things, shared ideas, laughed a lot and danced our arses off (or aimed to, at least). The project concluded with lectures, workshopsRead more

Updated: zero-waste and less waste designers

Update August 2nd: to be as transparent as possible on this blog, I should note I’ve joined the Amazon Associates program. I will only link to books I have personally found useful and worth buying. Update July 27th 2010: Sometimes those closest to you are the easiest to ignore or forget. Very much part of this list should be Fiona Buckingham of Kyotap by Fiona Buckingham. We’ve been friends for over 14 years and there are no bounds to theRead more

Julian Roberts & J.R. Campbell NYC workshops 11-12 June 2010

Firstly, to those 1265 of you waiting on me to respond to emails etc. I am so very sorry. I am currently doing about three full-time jobs’ worth of work (in fact, about to head to the office on a Sunday morning) while dealing with the excruciating stress of being far away from a very sick grandmother and a very sick sister. I will be with both in a week, still hoping for a different trip to my last inRead more

CutPrint = JR + JR: Details

As I mentioned some time ago, Julian Roberts is coming to NYC; less than a month to go now! The details for the NYC event are below but Julian’s tour will also cover Toronto, St. Helena CA and Vancouver. In NYC Julian is teaming up with JR Campbell from Kent State University, the host of the NY event. The tireless Sandy Ericson from the Center for Pattern Design is the powerhouse behind the tour and can provide more details. TheRead more

CutPrint = JR + JR

New Yorkers, save the dates June 11th and 12th: Julian Roberts will be teaming up with JR Campbell from Kent State University for the NY leg of Julian’s Subtraction Cutting Tour. Sandra Ericson from the Center for Pattern Design has more details. I’ll post here, too, as things firm up. Being in Australia, I missed Julian’s 2008 tour so very excited to be here for this! Yes, Julian’s website is only open on Wednesdays, which in this age of instantRead more

"zero waste designers"

From White Apricot, by Laurel House. Great to see this written about but once again, the pioneering works of Zandra Rhodes, Yeohlee Teng or Julian Roberts do not get mentioned. This amnesia by fashion writers* is a continuing concern; there is so much to learn from all three. (In a similar fashion, the current Australian issue of Marie Claire is “the green issue” which probably means that they’ve now ticked that box and who knows what next month brings. IRead more