Call for Papers: Creative Pattern Cutting 2016

I look forward to seeing you in Huddersfield in February 2016! MLS Pajamas by Timo Rissanen, 2011. Photograph by Mariano Garcia of iloveshoot The second international conference is designed to promote contemporary research into the art of creative pattern cutting and its significance to the fashion industry. The conference provides a platform for pattern cutters, fashion designers, students, and educators to explore the impact and direction for creative pattern cutting. The conference aims to: Encourage discussion of new methods andRead more

Zero-waste in Financial Times

Thank you Lucie Muir for highlighting Shingo Sato, Julian Roberts, Juliana Sissons, Thomas Mahon and I in the Financial Times yesterday. Reading the article has left me reflecting on what it is that we collectively do. Of course I cannot speak for my esteemed company, but the kind of fashion design that dominates – the illusion, the myth – of a fashion designer producing a sketch, artist-like, which then is translated into a garment by mostly invisible hands, has neverRead more

Blast from the past

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been in conversation with Glynis Jones, curator at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. This year is the 20th anniversary of the Student Fashion exhibition, you see, and I was in the exhibition in 1999 – more news to share in coming weeks. Last week she emailed me an installation photograph from a 2004 exhibition, Nineties to Now – Fashion of the Year. In it was a Marcs Baby Doll dress from 2002 –Read more

Creative Cut – registration is live

  The First International Symposium for Creative Pattern Cutting is the first global conference to promote contemporary research into the art of creative cut and its significance within the fashion industry. There has been a tremendous global response to the call for papers and the research presented promises to be diverse and inspiring. The symposium will examine creative pattern cutting within contemporary fashion and aims to provide a platform for pattern cutters, fashion designers, students, and educators to explore theRead more

Updated: zero-waste and less waste designers

Update August 2nd: to be as transparent as possible on this blog, I should note I’ve joined the Amazon Associates program. I will only link to books I have personally found useful and worth buying. Update July 27th 2010: Sometimes those closest to you are the easiest to ignore or forget. Very much part of this list should be Fiona Buckingham of Kyotap by Fiona Buckingham. We’ve been friends for over 14 years and there are no bounds to theRead more

Julian Roberts & J.R. Campbell NYC workshops 11-12 June 2010

Firstly, to those 1265 of you waiting on me to respond to emails etc. I am so very sorry. I am currently doing about three full-time jobs’ worth of work (in fact, about to head to the office on a Sunday morning) while dealing with the excruciating stress of being far away from a very sick grandmother and a very sick sister. I will be with both in a week, still hoping for a different trip to my last inRead more

the hoodie – an attempt to explain

I feel very humbled by and grateful for having been featured on three prominent blogs over the last few days. Kathleen Fasanella from Fashion Incubator (you need her book!) posted the hoodie as a Pattern Puzzle, Danielle Meder from Final Fashion posted her very good go at it, and Outi of Outsapop wrote a post on zero-waste fashion. Thank you, and more importantly, thank you each for your blogs! I realise that the pattern diagram for the hoodie isn’t particularlyRead more

bulk (or hips full of fashion)

As a brief respite from writing writing writing, I popped over at to ogle at whatever we’re meant to believe is what “women will be wearing” in the northern spring next year. Christopher Kane caught my eye, for better and for worse. This is how big he made two of his models’ hips look:Flaps. Jessica Stam may not be tallest model on the block (and this is good – I’m all for diversity of all kinds – and sheRead more

as i prepare for my first real job interview in seven years…

…I am also writing up findings from my project. I’ve drawn a diagram that looks benign enough – for a moment even I thought, ‘Is that it?’, after four years* – but when you really start thinking about it, it completely challenges what we conventionally perceive fashion design and patternmaking to be. Mostly patternmaking, though. But enough of that for now – no, I won’t post the diagram and no, I won’t elaborate just yet. Having seen others present myRead more

long leg panty girdle

When I first heard of Mara Havinoviski’s ‘Patterns for Fabric Economy’ (1969), I got very excited. A trawl through the websites of various Sydney libraries came to nada, and in the end I organised an interlibrary loan. Not sure why but I always feel guilty when I do, like I’m bothering the librarians, although it’s all done impersonally through the library website. The book arrived last week, from the Washington State University library. It smells of old book, or SantaRead more