ZWFD at BF+DA Book Fair

On Sunday April 10th I will be joining an incredible panel of authors during a one-day book fair at the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator to represent Holly and I with Zero Waste Fashion Design. I will have some copies to sell at the RRP $59.95; I will accept payment in cash and through Paypal. The BF+DA are giving away a copy of our book to one person who responds to their survey, so please take the survey! Location: BF+DA,Read more

Recap: Holly McQuillan at Parsons School of Design

Thank you everyone who came to the book talk on Thursday night; it was a packed house and Holly and I really appreciate it! Amazon now lists our book as the #1 release in Fashion and Textile Business so thank you to all who have purchased the book! Feedback is already coming our way and we welcome all of it. On Friday and Saturday Holly led a two-day workshop on zero waste fashion design with School of Fashion faculty atRead more

Zero Waste Fashion Design

The book Zero Waste Fashion Design is now out in the UK and will be released in the rest of the world in January. My awesome co-author, Holly McQuillan, and I, will do an event together in New York in February – stay tuned. We will also be at the Second International Conference for Creative Pattern Cutting hosted by the University of Huddersfield, also in February. All feedback welcome! The book is available directly from Bloomsbury as well as Amazon.Read more

Sustainable Fashion: New Approaches – free book!

Aalto University has published an excellent book, edited by Kirsi Niinimäki, titled Sustainable Fashion: New Approaches. Where there were really no books before 2008, there are now many, some of great value, others of less. I’ve so far read two chapters and glanced through all of them, and I think this book adds value to the conversations, through precisely focused and thoroughly researched chapters. The absolute best thing about this book? You can download it for free! Click on theRead more

The Fashion Condition

Back in June 2013 an inspiring group of colleagues, students and friends came together for a book sprint. We called ourselves The Fashion Praxis Collective, and the result of that magical week is now ready. We hope that you will enjoy The Fashion Condition.Read more

Julian Roberts free book

UPDATE: Julian broke Dropbox. Here’s an alternative link:  I reckon you should click the below link, too, so that Dropbox make Julian the emperor, and you give the government more to look at you for 🙂 Julian Roberts has released a book on subtraction cutting. It’s 127 pages and has loads of colour images. DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE BY CLICKING HERE! That’s right, it is free. Julian has requested to share it widely so please do. Thanks Julian! OnRead more

Shaping Sustainable Fashion

Yesterday I got my copy of Shaping Sustainable Fashion: Changing the Way We Make and Use Clothes, the book I edited with Alison Gwilt. So proud! Thank you to everyone at Earthscan for the endless patience with my heinous schedule, thank you to Alison, and thank you to Amy Common of Sai Designs for the book design – the book looks fantastic! It will be on sale in the US in less than two months but available on Amazon already, asRead more