land as a defining limit for fashion production

One of the more invigorating reports that I have recently read comes from the Biomimicry Institute. The Nature of Fashion makes a strong case for transitioning away from fibres made from petrochemicals, which currently represent more than 60% of the total fibre mix. The report argues that because systems inevitably leak, we should not create fibres that cannot be absorbed by biological systems. Microfibres released from polyester garments are a case in point. I particularly appreciated the report’s critique ofRead more

recent thoughts on fashion and sustainability

Often when responding to journalists (or students) via email, my rawest thoughts come to the surface. Even when those thoughts don’t make the cut to the final piece, they’re worth sharing, both for my own memory and in my hope that they trigger a reader’s thinking. Here are questions and answers from three recent exchanges with journalists, and one with high school students. The first of the articles was published in the student newspaper of The New School. — WhatRead more

Connections on climate, circularity, plastics and biodiversity

Jasmin Malik Chua is a long-time fashion and sustainability reporter; we first crossed paths when she was writing for the now-defunct Ecouterre. She asked me for some predictions on sustainability for 2019 for Sourcing Journal; the article is now out, and it’s great for having voices from very different parts of the fashion system. Thank you, Jasmin! As always happens, space is a constraint so I’m once again posting my entire response here: Following the reports that came out inRead more

Recent press

In the past few weeks I’ve been asked to comment on a number of sustainability-related issues, so I’m sharing those articles here. Ray A. Smith at the Wall Street Journal wrote about real vs. fake fur, a conversation I have witnessed for at least 25 years. A PDF is available here. After the article came out, someone from The Times in the UK contacted me for comment, and this is what I wrote: “I’ve followed the real vs. fake conversationRead more