World-Class Lessons on Zero Waste

12 years ago Stephanie Rosenbloom wrote an article for New York Times that featured my then doctoral research and the class I developed for Parsons on zero waste fashion design. I’d worked at the illustrious fashion school for eight months then, and I was unprepared for the attention that followed. Less expected outcomes were getting mentioned on a gay porn blog, although if I recall correctly, in posting a photo they confused me and a well-known Finnish theatre director alsoRead more

brief thoughts on clothing rentals

A media outlet contacted me about a recent study from Finland that looked at the climate impacts of different scenarios of clothing consumption, including rentals. Here are my unedited responses, with the acknowledgment that I am an irrelevant old man shouting at a cloud at this point. While I never expect more than a sentence or two to make it into the piece (and on a rare occasion, none at all), I find these to be good opportunities to reflectRead more

Community Event at ArtEZ, June 5, 2019

Yesterday I participated at the ‘Community Event’ of the ArtEZ Fashion Professorship and MA Fashion Held in Common, via Skype because I have chosen to no longer fly to give presentations and workshops. This decision was a direct result of the IPCC Special Report released in October. For years I have known the hypocrisy in my work – I have been flying a lot to talk – and I am taking it on now. This is not a judgment onRead more

Union of Concerned Researchers in Fashion

On November 1, 2018, at the Global Fashion Conference 2018, titled ‘What’s Going On?’, Professor Lynda Grose concluded her keynote with a call to form a Union of Concerned Researchers in Fashion. Mathilda Tham, Kate Fletcher and I took her literally and formed the Union with her. Since then, Otto von Busch and Tone Tobiasson have also joined the board. Please read the Union’s manifesto, and statement regarding the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, taking place next week. If the Union manifestoRead more

Recent press

In the past few weeks I’ve been asked to comment on a number of sustainability-related issues, so I’m sharing those articles here. Ray A. Smith at the Wall Street Journal wrote about real vs. fake fur, a conversation I have witnessed for at least 25 years. A PDF is available here. After the article came out, someone from The Times in the UK contacted me for comment, and this is what I wrote: “I’ve followed the real vs. fake conversationRead more

Earth Day lecture at Quinnipiac University

On Friday I was invited to deliver a short lecture at Quinnipiac University to mark Earth Day, April 22. As I post this, it is the day between Earth Day and the fifth anniversary of Rana Plaza, marked by Fashion Revolution events throughout the week around the world. The talk included parts from my lecture at Kolding Design School in March; I will post that talk here in coming days, as well. Both lectures build on ideas that I exploredRead more

The circularity gap

Reading through the Circularity Gap by Circle Economy, whom I have met with and respect deeply, some quick thoughts. We are – and have been for millennia, albeit with a recent increase in velocity – in the business of slowly replacing non-human biomass with human biomass. See the diagram early in the report that includes biomass extraction and think of human population growth in the same period. Then read this on the declining numbers of non-human vertebrates. Let me repeat:Read more

Wardrobe Crisis

While in Sydney for the UTS Library artist residency, I had a great conversation with Clare Press. Clare is the author of Wardrobe Crisis: How We Went from Sunday Best to Fast Fashion and Fashion Editor-At-Large of Marie Claire Australia. The podcast is now out and available HERE. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording it!Read more

What is fashion good for?

I’m delighted to be a contributor for a new publication, One Quart Magazine. My first article is now up, part one of my response to the question, what is fashion good for? I hope you check it out, along with all of the excellent articles in the magazine. My thanks to Astrid Swan for the invitation to contribute. Through Monokini 2.0 I’ve got to know Swan’s music well over the past year; she provided much of the soundtrack to writingRead more